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Sunday Family Mass

Each month, one grade plans and participates in a Sunday liturgy. This is attended by the students, their families, and the classroom teacher.

Class/School Masses

Students, guided by their teachers, prepare and participate in the school Masses on the first Friday of each month, on holy days, and on special occasions, such as St. Timothy’s Feast Day, and the annual Mother’s Day Mass with May crowning.


Throughout the year the students participate in paraliturgies for the Blessing of Pets, Thanksgiving, Advent, and Lent. Teachers also conduct special paraliturgies within the classroom, such as the Holy Thursday Agape and recitation of the rosary in May.

Altar Servers

Under the supervision of the parish priests, boys and girls from grades 4-8 serve at parish and school Masses. At the end of the school year, altar servers are treated to a special field trip in appreciation of their service.

Stations of the Cross

During Lent, grades 5-8 alternate in leading the student body and attending parents and parishioners in the Way of the Cross, as well as presenting scriptural role playing during Holy Week. Grades K-4 divide the Stations among the five grades and alternate dramatizing three stations each week in church. They occasionally attend Stations with the older children.